Sunan Ibn Majah, Chapter: The Chapters on Blood Money

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From: Sunan Ibn Majah
Chapter No. 24, The Chapters on Blood Money
Hadith No: 2621
Narrated/Authority of Salim bin Abu Jad
"Ibn Abbas was asked about one who kills a believer deliberately, then repents, believes, does righteous deeds and follows true guidance. He said: 'Woe to him can there be any guidance for him? I heard your Prophet (saw) say: "The killer and his victim will be brought on the day of Resurrection, with slain holding onto the head of his killer, saying: 'O Lord, ask this one, why did he kill me?" By Allah, Allah the Mighty and Sublime revealed (reference to the Quran An-Nisa 4:93) it to your Prophet (saw) then He did not abrogate it after He revealed it." Sahih

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