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Hadith Books with Explanations

Hadith or ahadith was originally transmitted in the arabic language and therefore when it is translated into other languages it will have discrepencies in its meaning also each hadith was for a given context (that's why all hadiths may or may not apply to any situation). It is why each hadith when explained with indepth knowledge by qualified individuals gives the ordinary layman great insight.

Many famous hadith commentaries or sharh as it is known in arabic have been written over the past centuries including Ibn Rajab's Jamia Uloom Wal Hikm (Compendium of knowledge and wisdom), Fath al-Bari (Commentary of Sahih Bukhari) and many others.

The Sixty Sultaniyya. Hadith related to rulings with commentary.

Shamail Tirmidhi. Hadiths about the appearance, belongings, manners and life of the Beloved Prophet (SAW).

Imam Nawawi's 40 Hadith With Commentary. Read the famous collection and understand with in depth explanations.

Hadith Commentary books from balagha.net

Three Conditions to Forgiveness by Ibn Rajab.

The Heirs of the Prophets, by Ibn Rajab

As if you were a Stranger, by Ibn Rajab