Sunan Ibn Majah, Chapter: The Chapters on Supplication

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From: Sunan Ibn Majah
Chapter No. 37, The Chapters on Supplication
Hadith No: 3833
Narrated/Authority of Abu Hurairah
"The Messenger of Allah (saw) used to say: 'Allahummanfa'ni bima 'allamtani, wa 'allimni ma yanfa'uni, wa zidni 'ilman, wal-hamdu lillahi 'ala kulli hal, wa a'udhu billahi min 'adhabin-nar (O Allah, benefit me by that which You have taught me, and teach me that which will benefit me, and increase me in knowledge. Praise is to Allah in all situations, and I seek refuge with Allah from the torment of the Fire).'"

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