Sixty Sultaniyya

Positions of Ruling are not to be chased

Hadith 12, Abu Musa narrated - I entered upon the Messenger of Allah (SAW) with two men from the bani umaay,so one of the two men said - O Messenger of Allah appoint me over some of that which Allah (SWT) made you responsible for, and the other man also said something similar So the Prophet (SAW) replied "I swear by Allah I would not appoint over this work anyone who asked for it nor anyone who covets it" (Muslim)


A: To seek positions of ruling for the authority they bestow is not the characteristic of a leader, and hence anyone who has such aspirations is not suitable for the position.

B: These principles are in contrast to the non-Islamic political bodies where politics is seen as a profession and a way to make money and garner power, and hence becomes coveted and competed over amongst anyone irrespective of their capabilities.

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