Sunan Ibn Majah, Chapter: Chapters Regarding Funerals

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From: Sunan Ibn Majah
Chapter No. 8, Chapters Regarding Funerals
Hadith No: 1621
Narrated/Authority of Aishah
"The wives of The Prophet (saw) gathered together and not one of them lagged behind. Fatimah came, and her gait was like that of the Messenger of Allah (saw). He said, 'Welcome to my daughter.' Then he made her sit to his left, and he whispered something to her, and she smiled. I said to her: 'What made you weep?' She said: 'I will not disclose the secret of the Messenger of Allah (saw).' I said: 'I never saw joy so close to grief as I saw today.' When she wept I said: 'Did the Messenger of Allah (saw) tell you some special words that were not for us, then you wept?' And I asked her about what he had said. She said: 'I will not disclose the secret of the Messenger of Allah (saw).' After he died I asked her what he had said, and she said: 'He told me that Jibra'il used to review the Quran with him once each year, but he had reviewed it with him twice that year, (and he said:) "I do not think but that my time is near. You will be the first of my family to join me, and what a good predecessor I am for you." So I wept. Then he whispered to me and said: "Will you not be pleased to be the leader of the women of this Ummah?" So I smiled.'" Hasan

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