Sunan An-Nasai, Chapter: The Book of the Qiblah

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From: Sunan An-Nasai
Chapter No. 9, The Book of the Qiblah
Hadith No: 756
Narrated/Authority of Aisha
"I was in front of the Messenger of Allah (saw) when he was praying, and when I wanted to leave I did not want to get up and pass in front of him, so I just slipped away slowly and quietly."* (Sahih) *See 508 and 511 of Al-Bukhari where he uses these narrations to prove what one may use for a Sutrah. As for passing in front of the praying person, it is said that her slipping away after staying in front of him is not the same as one who passes - from one side to the other - in front of the praying person.

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