Sunan An-Nasai, Chapter: The Book of the Adhan (The Call to Prayer)

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From: Sunan An-Nasai
Chapter No. 7, The Book of the Adhan (The Call to Prayer)
Hadith No: 627
Narrated/Authority of Nafi
Abdullah bin Umar used to say: "When the Muslims arrived in Al-Madinah they used to gather and try to figure out the time for prayer, and no one gave the call to prayer. One day they spoke about that; some of them said: 'Let us use a bell* like the Christians do;' other said, 'No, a horn like the Jews have.' Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, said: 'Why don't you send a man to announce the time of prayer?' The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: 'O Bilal, get up and give the call to prayer.'" (Sahih) *An-Naqus: "It is an instrument made of copper or other than that, which is struck to ring." Hadi As-Sari by Ibn Hajar. That is, a "bell". Some of them - like An-Nawawi in his commentary on Muslim - followed the definition given by Ibn Al-Athir in An-Nihayah; that it is a long piece of wood which was struck by a smaller piece of wood.

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