Sunan An-Nasai, Chapter: The Book of Salah

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From: Sunan An-Nasai
Chapter No. 5, The Book of Salah
Hadith No: 458
Narrated/Authority of Umayyah bin Abdullah bin Khalid bin Asid
It was narrated that Umayyah bin Abdullah bin Khalid bin Asid said to Ibn Umar: "How can the Salah be shortened as Allah says: There is no sin on you if you shorten As-Salah (the prayer) if you are in fear?" [4:101] Ibn Umar said: "O son of my brother! The Messenger of Allah (saw) came to us when we had gone astray and he taught us. One of the things that he taught us was that Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, has commanded us to pray two Rakahs when traveling." (Hasan)

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