Sunan An-Nasai, Chapter: The Book of Ghusl and Tayammum

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From: Sunan An-Nasai
Chapter No. 4, The Book of Ghusl and Tayammum
Hadith No: 400
Narrated/Authority of Abu Hurairah
"None of you should urinate into standing water which does not flow and then perform Ghusl with it." (One of the narrators) Sufyan said: "They said to Hisham '" meaning Ibn Hassan '" 'Ayyub only attributed this Hadith to Abu Hurairah?' So he said: 'If Ayyub is not able to raise up a narration then he does not raise it.'"* (Sahih) *That is, he narrated it from Abu Hurairah, rather than from him from the Prophet (saw), while others narrated it in Marfu' form or "raised" to the Prophet (saw). And perhaps by: "If he is able to not raise it" he means: "If he is not able to raise it." And Allah knows best.

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