110 Hadith Qudsi, Chapter: 110 Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Hadith)

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From: 110 Hadith Qudsi
Chapter No. 1, 110 Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Hadith)
Hadith No: 13
Narrated/Authority of Jundub
that Allah's Messenger (PBUH) stated that a person said: By Allah! Allah will not forgive so-and-so (person). Thereupon Allah, the Exalted, remarked: Who is he who swears by Me (and says) that I will not forgive so-and-so (listen!) Verily I have forgiven so-and-so and nullified your deeds, or as the Messenger (PBUH) said. (This Had'ith is sound and reported by Muslim and also mentioned in Mu'jam At-Tabrani AI-Kab'ir). *This Hadith teaches us the politeness needed by a Muslim towards Allah (SWT) and that one should not involve himself in matters that are left for Allah (WT) to decide i.e. nobody can know who will go to Hell and who will enter Paradise.*

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