Sahih Bukhari, Chapter: Peacemaking (Reconciliation)

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From: Sahih Bukhari
Chapter No. 51, Peacemaking (Reconciliation)
Hadith No: 887
Narrated/Authority of Abdullah bin Kab
That Kab bin Malik told him that in the lifetime of Allah's Apostle (SAW) he demanded his debt from Ibn Abu Hadrad in the Mosque. Their voices grew louder till Allah's Apostle (SAW) heard them while he was in his house. So he lifted the curtain of his room and called Kab bin Malik saying, "O Kab!" He replied, "Labbaik! O Allah's Apostle (SAW)!" He beckoned to him with his hand suggesting that he deduct half the debt. Kab said, "I agree, O Allah's Apostle (SAW)!" Allah's Apostle (SAW) then said (to Ibn Abu Hadrad), "Get up and pay him the rest."

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