Sunan Ibn Majah, Chapter: The Chapters on Sacrifices

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From: Sunan Ibn Majah
Chapter No. 29, The Chapters on Sacrifices
Hadith No: 3121
Narrated/Authority of Jabir bin Abdullah
"The Messenger of Allah (saw) sacrificed two rams on the Day of Eid. When he turned them to face towards the prayer direction he said: 'Verily, I have turned my face towards Him Who has created the heavens and the earth, as a monotheist, and I am not of the polytheists. Verily, my prayer, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists. He has no partner. And of this I have been commanded, and I am the first of the Muslims. [6:79,162-163] O Allah, from You to You, on behalf of Muhammad and his nation.'"

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