Sixty Sultaniyya

Patience and Sacrifice are Reasons for Victory

Hadith 61, We complained to the Messenger of Allah (about our state) while he was leaning against his sheet cloak in the shade of the Ka'ba. We said, "Will you ask Allah to help us? Will you invoke Allah for us?"
He said, "Among those who were before you a (believer) used to be seized and, a pit used to be dug for him and then he used to be placed in it. Then a saw used to be brought and put on his head which would be split into two halves. His flesh might be combed with iron combs and removed from his bones, yet, all that did not cause him to revert from his religion. By Allah! This religion (Islam) will be completed (and triumph) till a rider (traveler) goes from San'a' (the capital of Yemen) to Hadramout fearing nobody except Allah and the wolf lest it should trouble his sheep, but you are impatient." (Bukhari)


A: As mentioned in the Quran - "Do people think that they will be left alone because they say “We believe”, and will not be tested. And we indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah (SWT) will certainly make it known those who are true, and will certainly make it known those who are liars" (TMQ 29:2)

B: Imam al-'Ayni that the overall meaning is not to be impatient, and to let the companions know that the people who came before them were also treated harshly as mentioned, and Allah (SWT) mentioned that to them in order to give them patience on any harm that comes to them.

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