Sixty Sultaniyya

Prohibition of spying and oppressing your Muslim brother

Hadith 48, Stay away from doubt, since doubt is the most dishonest word, and do not spy and do not probe (into others affairs) and do not hate each other, and be brothers to each other (Bukhari/ Muslim)


A: The doubt intended in the narration is negative doubt, and ibn al-teen stated that it is a warning to stay away from doubt since trying to confirm what was doubtful could lead someone into sin (through spying and so on).

B: This is a clear prohibition of spying and looking into the private affairs of the individuals, and seeking to create conflict between the people, and rather is an encouragement for the Muslims to be brothers to one another.

C: As an example, when in situations where incidents can occur that are not clear as to who instigated them, such as in anarchic war torn countries, the implementation and adherence to this and similar narrations would make it much more difficult for the Muslims to be manipulate by black operations. If on the other hand each one is suspicious of the other, they can be easily directed and made to fall into hatred of each other based upon negative doubt which was in fact a lie, all planted by the enemies of Islam to begin with.

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