Sixty Sultaniyya

One Muslim's pain afflicts all the Ummah

Hadith 37, The Muslims are like one man, if his eyes complains then the whole of him complains, and if his head complains then the whole of him complains (Muslim)
Hadith 38, The example of the believer is like the body, if part of it hurts the rest of it is summoned (Ahmed)


A: The simile of a single body conveys the feeling of the closeness of the Muslims to each other, such that each ones pain is shared by another since they are from the same body no matter their location, language or ethnicity.

B:These narrations are further explanation of the part of verses in the Quran which state that only the believers are brothers (al-hujaraat), and that the believers are merciful amongst each other (al-fath).

C: Imam Abdul Raof al-Munawi said regarding the first narration that is emphasizing the rights the Muslims have over one another, and encourages them to be merciful to each other and to support one another in other than sin.

D: It can be understood that the safety and security of the Muslims is one.

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