Sixty Sultaniyya

Living under a just Imam is better than 60 years of worship

Hadith 32, A day under a just leader is better than sixty years of worship, while the hadd (proscribed punishment) established on the earth according to its right is better than forty days of rain (Bayhaqi/ Tabarani)
Hadith 33, Three that Allah will not look at on the Day of Judgement – The Imam who is a liar, the old man who commits fornication and the haughty poor person (ibn Hibban)


A: There are several other narrations which indicate the great reward for the just ruler, from what he achieves from the Pleasure of Allah (SWT) in implementing His law upon the society fairly and resolving the differences between the people accordingly.

B: In contrast, while the just leader will be one of those shaded by the Shade of Allah (SWT) on the day when there is no shade except for whom He pleases, the unjust leader who is a liar is mentioned by the Prophet (SAW) as being amongst those whom Allah (SWT) will not look at on the day of reckoning when everyone will be in need of the Mercy of Allah (SWT).

C: If the Imam who lies to his people will not be looked at on the Day of Judgement, then by greater reasoning the one who oppresses his people will be in an even worse position, and the greatest oppression is to rule them by other than Islam.

D: The implementation of the punishments ordained by Allah (SWT) - when all of the conditions are met for the implementation - is compared to forty days of rain which is considered a great blessing in an arid, desert environment. So it can never be accepted for them to be accused as being barbaric while their implementation is praised by Allah (SWT), and due to what it brings in terms of security and safety in the society as a result of its deterrent value.

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