Sahih Muslim, Chapter: Faith (Kitab Al Iman)

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From: Sahih Muslim
Chapter No. 1, Faith (Kitab Al Iman)
Hadith No: 353
Narrated/Authority of Abu Said Al-Khudri
We said: Messenger of Allah, shall we see our Lord? The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Do you feel any trouble in seeing the sun on a cloudless day? We said: No. And the remaining part of the hadith has been narrated to the end like the hadith transmitted by Hafs b. Maisara with the addition of these words: Without the deed that they did or any good that they had sent before. It would be said to them: For you is whatever you see (in it) and with it the like of it. Abu Sa'id said: I have come to know that the bridge would be thinner even than the hair and sharper than the sword; and in the hadith narrated by Laith these words are not found: They would say, O our Lord! Thou hast bestowed upon us (favours) which thou didst not bestow on anyone else in the world.

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