Hadith Narrated By Zaid bin Thabit

Narrated: Zaid bin Thabit From Sahih Bukhari

Hadith No: 698
Narrated/Authority of Zaid bin Thabit
Listed in: Call to Prayers (Adhaan)
Allah's Apostle made a small room in the month of Ramadan (Sa'id said, "I think that Zaid bin Thabit said that it was made of a mat") and he prayed there for a few nights, and so some of his companions prayed behind him. When he came to know about it, he kept on sitting. In the morning, he went out to them and said, "I have seen and understood what you did. You should pray in your houses, for the best prayer of a person is that which he prays in his house except the compulsory prayers."
Hadith No: 179
Narrated/Authority of Zaid bin Thabit
Listed in: Prostration During Recital of Quraan
I recited An-Najm before the Prophet, yet he did not perform a prostration.
Hadith No: 108
Narrated/Authority of Zaid bin Thabit
Listed in: Virtues of Madina
When the Prophet went out for (the battle of) Uhud, some of his companions (hypocrites) returned (home). A party of the believers remarked that they would kill those (hypocrites) who had returned, but another party said that they would not kill them. So, this Divine Inspiration was revealed: "Then what is the matter with you that you are divided into two parties concerning the hypocrites." (4.88) The Prophet said, "Medina expels the bad persons from it, as fire expels the impurities of iron."
Hadith No: 393
Narrated/Authority of Zaid bin Thabit
Listed in: Sales and Trade
Allah's Apostle allowed the owner of 'Araya to sell the fruits on the trees by means of estimation.
Hadith No: 398
Narrated/Authority of Zaid bin Thabit
Listed in: Sales and Trade
In the lifetime of the Prophet (SAW), the people used to trade with fruits. When they cut their date-fruits and the purchasers came to recieve their rights, the sellers would say, 'My dates hace got rotten; they are blighted with disease, they are afflicted with Qusham (a disease which causes the fruit to fall before ripening).' They would go on complaining of defects in their purchases. Allah's Messenger (SAW) said, "Do not sell the fruits before their benefit is evident (i.e., free from all the dangers of being spoiled or blighted), by way of advice for they quarrelled too much." Kharija bin Zaid bin Thabit said that Zaid bin Thabit used not to sell the fruits of his lands till Pleiades appeared and the one could distinguish the yellow fruits from the red (ripe) ones.
Hadith No: 573
Narrated/Authority of Zaid bin Thabit
Listed in: Distribution of Water
The Prophet (SAW) permitted selling the dates of the Araya for ready dates by estimating the amount of the former (as they are still on the trees).

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