Hadith Narrated By Yahya bin Talha

Narrated: Yahya bin Talha From Sunan Ibn Majah

Hadith No: 3795
Narrated/Authority of Yahya bin Talha
Listed in: The Chapters on Etiquette
his mother Su'da Al-Murriyyah said: "Umar bin Khattab passed by Talhah, after the Messenger of Allah (saw) had died, and said: 'Why do you look so sad? Are you upset because your cousin has been appointed leader?' He said: 'No, but I heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) say: "I know a word which no one says at the time of death but it will be light in his record of deeds, and his body and soul will find comfort in it at the time of death," - but I did not ask him about it before he died.' He (Umar) said: ' I know what it is. It is what he wanted his uncle (Abu Talib) to say, and if he had known anything that would be more effective in saving him, he would have told him to say it.'"

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