Hadith Narrated By Talq bin Ali

Narrated: Talq bin Ali From Sunan An-Nasai

Hadith No: 165
Narrated/Authority of Talq bin Ali
Listed in: The Book of Purification
"We went out as a delegation and when we arrived with the Messenger of Allah (saw) he accepted our oath of allegiance and we prayed with him. When he had finished the prayer, a man who looked like a Bedouin came to him and said: 'O Messenger of Allah, what do you think about a man who has touched his penis during the Salah?' He said: 'It is just a part of you,' or 'a piece of you.'" (Sahih)
Hadith No: 702
Narrated/Authority of Talq bin Ali
Listed in: The Book of the Masjids
"We went out as a delegation to the Prophet (saw); we gave him our oath of allegiance and prayed with him. We told him that in our land there was a church that belonged to us. We asked him to give us the leftovers of his purification (Wudu water). So he called for water, performed Wudu and rinsed out his mouth, then he poured it into a vessel and said to us: 'Leave, and when you return to your land, demolish your church, and sprinkle this water on that place, and take it as a Masjid.' We said: 'Our land is far away and it is very hot; the water will dry up.' He said: 'Add more water to it, for that will only make it better.' So we left and when we came to our land we demolished our church, then we sprinkled water on that place and took it as a Masjid, and we called the Adhan in it. The monk was a man from Tayy, and when he heard the Adhan, he said: 'It is a true call.' Then he headed toward one of the hills and we never saw him again." (Sahih)

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