Hadith Narrated By Suwaid bin Ghafala

Narrated: Suwaid bin Ghafala From Sahih Bukhari

Hadith No: 626
Narrated/Authority of Suwaid bin Ghafala
Listed in: Lost Things Picked up by Someone (Luqaata)
While I as in the company of Salman bin Rabia and Zaid bin Suhan, in one of the holy battles, I found a whip. One of them told me to drop it, but I refused to do so and said that I would give it to its owner if I found him, otherwise I would utilize it. On our return we performed Hajj and on passing by Medina, I asked Ubai bin Kab about it. He said, "I found a bag containing a hundred Dinars in the lifetime of the Prophet (SAW) and took it to the Prophet (SAW) who said to me, 'Make public announcement about it for one year.' So, I announced it for one year and went to the Prophet (SAW) who said, 'Announce it publicly for another year.' So, I announced it for another year. I went to him again and he said, "Announce for another year." So I announced for still another year. I went to the Prophet (SAW) for the fourth time, and he said, 'Remember the amount of money, the description of its container and the string it is tied with, and if the owner comes, give it to him; otherwise, utilize it.' " Salama narrated the above from Ubai bin Kab, adding, "I met the sub-narrator at Makkah later on, but he did not remember whether Kab had announced what he had found one year or three years."

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