Hadith Narrated By Said bin Abu Al-Hasan

Narrated: Said bin Abu Al-Hasan From Sahih Bukhari

Hadith No: 428
Narrated/Authority of Said bin Abu Al-Hasan
Listed in: Sales and Trade
While I was with Ibn Abbas a man came and said, "O father of Abbas! My sustenance is from my manual profession and I make these pictures." Ibn Abbas said, "I will tell you only what I heard from Allah's Apostle. I heard him saying, 'Whoever makes a picture will be punished by Allah till he puts life in it, and he will never be able to put life in it.' " Hearing this, that man heaved a sigh and his face turned pale. Ibn Abbas said to him, "What a pity! If you insist on making pictures I advise you to make pictures of trees and any other unanimated objects."

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