Hadith Narrated By Nafi bin Jubair

Narrated: Nafi bin Jubair From Sunan An-Nasai

Hadith No: 625
Narrated/Authority of Nafi bin Jubair
Listed in: The Book of the Times (of Prayer)
from his father, that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said during a journey: "Who will watch out for dawn for us, so that we do not sleep and miss the prayer?" Bilal said: 'I will.' He turned to face the direction where the sun would rise, but they fell fast asleep until the heat of the sun woke them up, then they got up. He said: 'Perform Wudu.' Then Bilal called the Adhan and he prayed two Rakahs, and they prayed the two (Sunnah) Rakahs of Fajr, then they prayed Fajr." (Sahih)

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