Hadith Narrated By Muhammad bin Amr bin Ata

Narrated: Muhammad bin Amr bin Ata From Sunan at-Tirmidhi (Jami-al-Tirmidhi)

Hadith No: 304
Narrated/Authority of Muhammad bin Amr bin Ata
Listed in: Salah (Prayers)
having heard Sayyidina Abu Humayd Saidi (RA) say when he was among ten sahabah Sayyidina Abu Qatadah ibn Rabi was one of them that he knew about the salah of Allah's Messenger more than anyone of them. They said "Neither had you had the Prophet's (SAW) company earlier than us nor had you more of it or frequently." He said, "That is correct." They said, "Go on, narrate." Abu Humayd said, "When Allah's Messenger(SAW) stood up for salah, he stood straight and raised both hands to his shoulders. When he was going into the bowing posture, he would raise both hands to his shoulders and went into ruku, saying, Allahu Akbar. He observed ruku with moderation, neither lowering his hand nor raising it high. He placed both hands on his knees. He would then say: "Allah listens to one who praises Him" and raise his hands and he stood up moderately till every bone was in its place. Then he would bow down towards the ground for sajdah, saying Allahu Akbar, Kepping arms apart from arm-pits. He would turn his toes gently towards the qiblah. Then he truned the left foot and sat on it with moderation till every bone found its place. Then he lowered his head for sajdah, saying Allahu Akbar. Then he would stand up. He did this in every raka'ah. When he got up from both prostrations, he called the takbir and raised both hands up to his shoulders as he had done in the beginning of salah. He would do that till it was the last raka'ah of his salah. He would stretch the left leg and sit down on his hips in tuwarruk form. Then be turned in salutation." [Ahmed 23660, Ibn e Majah 1061, Bukhari 828, Nisai 1038, Abu Dawud 730]

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