Hadith Narrated By Ibn Abdur Rahman

Narrated: Ibn Abdur Rahman From Sunan An-Nasai

Hadith No: 319
Narrated/Authority of Ibn Abdur Rahman
Listed in: The Book of Purification
"A man became Junub and came to Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, and said: 'I have become Junub and I cannot find any water.' He said: 'Do not pray.' 'Ammar said to him: 'Do you not remember when we were on a campaign and became Junub. You did not pray but I rolled in the dust and prayed, then I came to the Prophet (saw) and told him about that, and he said: 'This would have been sufficient for you.'" - (One of the narrators) Shubah struck his hands once and blew into them, then he rubbed them together, then wiped his face with them - (Ammar said): " Umar said something I did not understand." So he said: "If you wish, I shall not narrate it." Salamah mentioned something in this chain from Abu Malik, and Salamah added that he said: "Rather, we will let you bear the burden of what you took upon yourself." (Sahih)

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