Hadith Narrated By Budayl ibn Maysarah Uqayli

Narrated: Budayl ibn Maysarah Uqayli From Sunan at-Tirmidhi (Jami-al-Tirmidhi)

Hadith No: 356
Narrated/Authority of Budayl ibn Maysarah Uqayli
Listed in: Salah (Prayers)
Abu Atiyah as saying that Malik ibn Huwayrith used to visit them at their place of salah and narrated a hadith to them. One day, it was time for salah and they requested him to lead them (in prayers). He said, "Let one of you lead that I might disclose why I do not lead you in salah. I had heard Allah's Messenger (SAW) say that one who visits a people should not become their imam, but one of their own must lead them (in salah)." [Ahmed 15602, Nisai 786, Abu Dawud 596]

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