Hadith Narrated By Ata

Narrated: Ata From Sahih Bukhari

Hadith No: 813
Narrated/Authority of Ata
Listed in: Characteristics of Prayer
I heard Jabir bin 'Abdullah saying, "The Prophet said, 'Whoever eats (from) this plant (he meant garlic) should keep away from our mosque." I said, "What does he mean by that?" He replied, "I think he means only raw garlic."
Hadith No: 628
Narrated/Authority of Ata
Listed in: Pilgrimage (Hajj)
Jabir said, "The Prophet ordered Ali to keep on assuming his Ihram." The narrator then informed about the narration of Suraqa.
Hadith No: 10
Narrated/Authority of Ata
Listed in: Minor Pilgrimage (Umra)
I heard Ibn Abbas saying, "Allah's Apostle asked an Ansari woman (Ibn Abbas named her but Ata forgot her name), 'What prevented you from performing Hajj with us?' She replied, 'We have a camel and the father of so-and-so and his son (i.e. her husband and her son) rode it and left one camel for us to use for irrigation.' He said (to her), 'Perform Umra when Ramadan comes, for Umra in Ramadan is equal to Hajj (in reward),' or said something similar."

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