Hadith Narrated By Asim

Narrated: Asim From Sahih Bukhari

Hadith No: 116
Narrated/Authority of Asim
Listed in: Witr Prayer
I asked Anas bin Malik about the Qunut. Anas replied, "Definitely it was (recited)". I asked, "Before bowing or after it?" Anas replied, "Before bowing." I added, "So and so has told me that you had informed him that it had been after bowing." Anas said, "He told an untruth (i.e. "was mistaken," according to the Hijazi dialect). Allah's Apostle recited Qunut after bowing for a period of one month." Anas added, "The Prophet sent about seventy men (who knew the Quran by heart) towards the pagans (of Najd) who were less than they in number and there was a peace treaty between them and Allah's Apostles (but the Pagans broke the treaty and killed the seventy men). So Allah's Apostle recited Qunut for a period of one month asking Allah to punish them."
Hadith No: 710
Narrated/Authority of Asim
Listed in: Pilgrimage (Hajj)
I asked Anas bin Malik: "Did you use to dislike to perform Tawaf between Safa and Marwa?" He said, "Yes, as it was of the ceremonies of the days of the Pre-lslamic period of ignorance, till Allah revealed: 'Verily! (The two mountains) As-Safa and Al-Marwa are among the symbols of Allah. It is therefore no sin for him who performs the pilgrimage to the Ka'ba, or performs 'Umra, to perform Tawaf between them.' " (2.158)
Hadith No: 496
Narrated/Authority of Asim
Listed in: Transferance of a Debt from One Person to Another (Al-Hawaala)
I heard Anas bin Malik, "Have you ever heard that the Prophet (SAW) said, 'There is no alliance in Islam'?" He replied, "The Prophet (SAW) made alliance between Quraish and the Ansar in my house."

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