Hadith Narrated By Amr bin Maimun

Narrated: Amr bin Maimun From Sunan An-Nasai

Hadith No: 308
Narrated/Authority of Amr bin Maimun
Listed in: The Book of Purification
"Abdullah told us: 'The Messenger of Allah (saw) was praying at the House (the Kabah) and a group of the nobles of Quraish were sitting there. They had just slaughtered a camel and one of them said: "Which of you will take these stomach contents with the blood and wait until he prostrates, then put them on his back?" Abdullah said: 'The one who was most doomed got up and took the stomach contents, then went and waited until he prostrated himself, and put it on his back. Fatimah, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah (saw), who was a young girl, was told about that, and she came running and too it off his back. When he had finished praying he said: "O Allah! Punish the Quraish," three times, "O Allah, punish Abu Jahl bin Hisham, Shaibah bin Rabi'ah, 'Utbah bin Rabiah, 'Uqbah bin Abi Muait" until he had listen seven men from the Quraish.' Abdullah said: 'By the One Who revealed the Book to him, I saw them dead on the day of Badr (their corpses) in a single dry well.'" (Sahih)

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