Hadith Narrated By Ali

Narrated: Ali From Shamaail Tirmidhi - The Virtues and Noble Character of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Hadith No: 5
Narrated/Authority of Ali
Listed in: The Noble Features of Rasulullah (SAW)
"Rasullullah (Peace and Blessings be upon him was neither very tall nor very short. The soles of both feet were very fleshed. (This quality is praiseworthy in a man as it denotes strength and courage but is not praiseworthy for a woman). He had a large head. The joints of the bones was also large. The was a thin line of hair from the chest to the navel. When Rasulullah (Peace and Blessings be upon him) walked, it appeared that he was descending from a high place". Ali (Radiallahu Anhu) says: "I did not see anyone like him neither before him, nor after him".

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