Hadith Narrated By Al-Ala

Narrated: Al-Ala From Sunan An-Nasai

Hadith No: 512
Narrated/Authority of Al-Ala
Listed in: The Book of the Times (of Prayer)
that he entered upon Anas bin Malik in his house in Al-Basrah, when he had finished Zuhr, and his house was beside the Masjid. "When we entered upon him, he said: 'Have you prayed Asr?' We said: 'No, we have just finished Zuhr.' He said: 'Pray Asr.' So we got up and prayed, and when we finished he said: 'I heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) say: "That is the prayer of the hypocrite: he sits and delays Asr prayer until (the sun) is between the horns of the Shaitan, then he gets up and pecks four (Rakahs) in which he only remembers Allah a little.'" (Sahih)

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