Hadith Narrated By Abu Musa

Narrated: Abu Musa From 110 Hadith Qudsi

Hadith No: 8
Narrated/Authority of Abu Musa
Listed in: 110 Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Hadith)
Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said: On the Day of Resurrection, my Ummah (nation) will be gathered into three groups. one sort will enter Paradise without rendering an account(of their deeds). Another sort will be reckoned an easy account and admitted into Paradise. Yet another sort will come bearing on their backs heaps of sins like great mountains. Allah will ask the angels though He knows best about them: Who are these people? They will reply: They are humble slaves of yours. He will say: Unload the sins from them and put the same over the Jews and Christians; then let the humble slaves get into Paradise by virtue of My Mercy. (This Hadith is sound and mentioned in Mustadrak of Hakim).

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