Hadith Narrated By Abu Hawra

Narrated: Abu Hawra From Sunan at-Tirmidhi (Jami-al-Tirmidhi)

Hadith No: 458
Narrated/Authority of Abu Hawra
Listed in: Witr (Witr Prayer)
that Sayyidina Hasan ibn Ali said, "Allah's Messenger taught me some expressions that I might recite them in witr?': (O Allah! Guide me among those whom You have guided, and preserve me among those whom You have preserved. And take me as a friend among those whom You have befriended, and bless me in that which You have bestowed (upon me). And protect me against the evil that You have ordained, for, indeed, You are the One who ordains and none can ordain against You. And, indeed, never is he disgraced whom You take for a friend. Blessed are You, 0 our Lord! And exalted are You!). [Ahmed 1718, Abu Dawud 1425, Nisai 1744, Ibn e Majah 1178]

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