Hadith Narrated By Abu Abdullah Salim Sabalan

Narrated: Abu Abdullah Salim Sabalan From Sunan An-Nasai

Hadith No: 100
Narrated/Authority of Abu Abdullah Salim Sabalan
Listed in: The Book of Purification
"Aisha liked my honesty and hired me, and she showed me how the Messenger of Allah (saw) used to perform Wudu. She rinsed her mouth, sniffed water into her nose and blew it out three times, and washed her face three times. Then she washed her right hand three times and her left hand three times. Then she put her hand on the front of her head and wiped her head once, front to back. Then she rubbed her ears with her hands, then she passed her hands over her cheeks." Salim said: "I came to her as a slave with a contract of manumission, and she did not hide herself from me. She would sit before me and talk to me, until I came to her one day and said: 'Pray for blessing for me, O Mother of the Believers.' She said: 'Why is that?' I said: 'Allah has set me free.' She said: 'May Allah bless you.' Then she lowered the Hijab before me, and I never saw her again after that day." (Hasan)

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