Hadith Narrated By A Iyad bin Himar Al-Mujashii

Narrated: A Iyad bin Himar Al-Mujashii From 110 Hadith Qudsi

Hadith No: 35
Narrated/Authority of A Iyad bin Himar Al-Mujashii
Listed in: 110 Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Hadith)
that one day Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said in his speech: Behold! Indeed Allah has commanded me to inform you of what you are unfamiliar with; and what He has taught me today: Every wealth, I have conferred upon a slave is lawful. Indeed I have created My slaves being true in Faith; but the satans approached them and turned them away from their religion and what had been permissible declared as forbidden for them. Further the satans ordered them to make partners with me for which I have revealed no evidence. Verily, Allah looked at the people on earth andhated both Arabs and non-Arabs - except a few people ofthe Scripture. Allah added: I have sent you as a Prophet (SAW) tothe people so that I may test you and test the believersthrough you and revealed to you a book that water cannoterase. So you should read it while asleep and awake. The Prophet (SAW) said: Indeed Allah has ordered me toburn (the disbelievers of) Quraish (the Prophet (SAW)'s tribe ofMakkah). So I said: O Lord! They would crush my headlike bread. Allah said: Drive them out as they drove youout of your city. Fight them, We shall support you. Spend(money in the cause of Allah), We will spend on you. Sendan army, We will send five like that. Fight with yourfollowers against those who deny you. He said: Theinhabitants of Paradise are three kinds of people: First is apowerful, just, almsgiver, and a successful man. second isa kind, tender-hearted man towards every relative andMuslim. Third is a decent father to many children. He alsosaid: Dwellers of Hell are of five types: First is a weak followerman who has no sense to avoid the evil or workfor family or wealth. Second is a dishonest man whosegreed is well-known to people, even for minor things.Third is a man who will betray you about your family andwealth at both the ends of the day. He also mentioned amiser or a liar and a person who uses bad words.(This Hadith is sound and reported by Muslim).

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