Shamaail Tirmidhi - The Virtues and Noble Character of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

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Hadith No: 24
Narrated/Authority of Aisha

Rasulullah (SAW) and I bathed in one utensil, and the mubarak hair of Rasulullah (SAW) was longer than those that reached the ear lobes, and were less than those that reached the shoulders". (It means that they were not very long nor were they short, but of a medium length).

Hadith No: 25
Narrated/Authority of Bara bin Azib

"Rasulullah (SAW) was of average height, and the portion between the two shoulders was wide. His hair was till his ear lobes".

Hadith No: 27
Narrated/Authority of Um Hani bint Abi Talib

"Rasulullah (SAW) came to Makkah once after the hijrah. His mubarak hair had four plaits".

Hadith No: 30
Narrated/Authority of Um Hani

"I saw Rasulullah (SAW) with four side locks (on his hair)".