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Chapter No: 43, Quarrels
Hadith no: 613Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Abdullah bin Kab bin Malik Al-Ansari
from Kab bin Malik, That Abdullah bin Abi Hadrad Al-Aslami owed him some debt. Kab met him and caught hold of him and they started talking and their voices grew loudest. The Prophet (SAW) passed by them and addressed Kab, pointing out to him to reduce the debt to one half. So, Kab got one half of the debt and exempted the debtor from the other half.
Relevance: 14.497

Chapter No: 38, Transferance of a Debt from One Person to Another (Al-Hawaala)
Hadith no: 500Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Abu Huraira
Whenever a dead man in debt was brought to Allah's Apostle (SAW) he would ask, "Has he left anything to repay his debt?" If he was informed that he had left something to repay his debts, he would offer his funeral prayer, otherwise he would tell the Muslims to offer their friend's funeral prayer. When Allah made the Prophet (SAW) wealthy through conquests, he said, "I am more rightful than other believers to be the guardian of the believers, so if a Muslim dies while in debt, I am responsible for the repayment of his debt, and whoever leaves wealth (after his death) it will belong to his heirs."
Relevance: 13.914

Chapter No: 43, Quarrels
Hadith no: 607Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Abdullah bin Kab bin Malik
Kab demanded his debt back from Ibn Abi Hadrad in the Mosque and their voices grew louder till Allah's Apostle (SAW) heard them while he was in his house. He came out to them raising the curtain of his room and addressed Kab, "O Kab!" Kab replied, "Labaik, O Allah's Apostle (SAW)." (He said to him), "Reduce your debt to one half," gesturing with his hand. Kab said, "I have done so, O Allah's Apostle (SAW)!" On that the Prophet (SAW) said to Ibn Abi Hadrad, "Get up and repay the debt, to him."
Relevance: 13.316

Chapter No: 42, Loans, Payment of Loans, Freezing of Property and Bankruptcy
Hadith no: 589Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Aisha
Allah's Apostle (SAW) used to invoke Allah in the prayer saying, "O Allah, I seek refuge with you from all sins, and from being in debt." Someone said, O Allah's Apostle (SAW)! (I see you) very often you seek refuge with Allah from being in debt. He replied, "If a person is in debt, he tells lies when he speaks, and breaks his promises when he promises."
Relevance: 12.418

Chapter No: 42, Loans, Payment of Loans, Freezing of Property and Bankruptcy
Hadith no: 583Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Hudhaifa
I heard the Prophet (SAW) saying, "Once a man died and was asked, 'What did you use to say (or do) (in your life time)?' He replied, 'I was a business-man and used to give time to the rich to repay his debt and (used to) deduct part of the debt of the poor.' So he was forgiven (his sins.)" Abu Masud said, "I heard the same (Hadith) from the Prophet (SAW)."
Relevance: 11.487

Chapter No: 49, Gifts, The superiority of giving and extortion of
Hadith no: 790Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Abu Huraira
Allah's Apostle (SAW) owed a man some debt (and that man demanded it very harshly). The companions of the Prophet (SAW) wanted to harm him, but the Prophet (SAW) said to them, "Leave him, as the creditor has the right to speak harshly." He then added, "Buy (a camel) of the same age and give it to him." They said, "We cannot get except a camel of an older age than that of his." He said, "Buy it and give it to him, as the best amongst you is he who pays back his debt in the most handsome way.'
Relevance: 11.114

Chapter No: 38, Transferance of a Debt from One Person to Another (Al-Hawaala)
Hadith no: 497Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Salama bin Al-Akwa
A dead person was brought to the Prophet (SAW) so that he might lead the funeral prayer for him. He asked, "Is he in debt?" When the people replied in the negative, he led the funeral prayer. Another dead person was brought and he asked, "Is he in debt?" They said, "Yes." He (refused to lead the prayer and) said, "Lead the prayer of your friend." Abu Qatada said, "O Allah's Apostle (SAW)! I undertake to pay his debt." Allah's Apostle (SAW) then led his funeral prayer.
Relevance: 10.955

Chapter No: 8, Prayers (Salat)
Hadith no: 447Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Kab
in the mosque l asked Ibn Abi Hadrad to pay the debts which he owed to me and our voices grew louder. Allah's Apostle heard that while he was in his house. So he came to us raising the curtain of his room and said, "O Ka'b!" I replied, "Labaik, O Allah's Apostle!" He said, "O Ka'b! reduce your debt to one half," gesturing with his hand. I said, "O Allah's Apostle! I have done so." Then Allah's Apostle said (to Ibn Abi Hadrad), "Get up and pay the debt to him."
Relevance: 10.766

Chapter No: 51, Peacemaking (Reconciliation)
Hadith no: 886Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Jabir bin Abdullah
My father died and was in debt. I suggested that his creditors take the fruits (i.e. dates) of my garden in lieu of the debt of my father, but they refused the offer, as they thought that it would not cover the full debt. So, I went to the Prophet (SAW) and told him about it. He said (to me), "When you pluck the dates and collect them in the Mirbad (i.e. a place where dates are dried), call me (Allah's Apostle (SAW))." Finally he came accompanied by Abu Bakr and Umar and sat on the dates and invoked Allah to bless them. Then he said, "Call your creditors and give them their full rights." So, I paid all my father's creditors in full and yet thirteen extra Wasqs of dates remained, seven of which were Ajwa and six were Laun or six of which were Ajwa and seven were Laun. I met Allah's Apostle (SAW) at sunset and informed him about it. On that he smiled and said, "Go to Abu Bakr and Umar and tell them about it." They said, "We perceived that was going to happen, as Allah's Apostle (SAW) did what he did."
Relevance: 10.381

Chapter No: 51, Peacemaking (Reconciliation)
Hadith no: 887Report Mistake   Permalink
Narrated: Abdullah bin Kab
That Kab bin Malik told him that in the lifetime of Allah's Apostle (SAW) he demanded his debt from Ibn Abu Hadrad in the Mosque. Their voices grew louder till Allah's Apostle (SAW) heard them while he was in his house. So he lifted the curtain of his room and called Kab bin Malik saying, "O Kab!" He replied, "Labbaik! O Allah's Apostle (SAW)!" He beckoned to him with his hand suggesting that he deduct half the debt. Kab said, "I agree, O Allah's Apostle (SAW)!" Allah's Apostle (SAW) then said (to Ibn Abu Hadrad), "Get up and pay him the rest."
Relevance: 10.202

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Supplication whilst prostrating (sujood)
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