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Narrated: Ubaidullah bin Abu Rafi From Sunan Ibn Majah

Found in: The Book of the Sunnah
Hadith no: 13
Narrated: Ubaidullah bin Abu Rafi
from his father, that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “I do not want to find anyone of you reclining on his pillow, and when news comes to him of something that I have commanded or forbidden, he says, 'I do not know, whatever we find in the Book of Allah, we will follow.'” (Sahih)

Found in: The Chapters of Purification and its Sunnah
Hadith no: 449
Narrated: Ubaidullah bin Abu Rafi
from his father that whenever the Messenger of Allah (saw) performed ablution, he moved his ring. (Daif)

Found in: The Chapters of Establishing the Prayer and the Sunnah Regarding Them
Hadith no: 1118
Narrated: Ubaidullah bin Abu Rafi
"Marwan appointed Abu Hurairah in charge of Al-Madinah, and set out for Makkah. Abu Hurairah led us in prayer on Friday, and he recited Surat Al-Jumu’ah in the first Rakah, and in the second, ‘When the hypocrites come to you," [Al-Munafiqun (63)] ‘Ubaidullah said: "I caught up with Abu Hurairah when he finished and said to him: ‘You recited two Surah that ‘Ali used to recite in Kufah.’ Abu Hurairah ‘I heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) reciting them.’" Sahih

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Fortress of the Muslim

Remembrance after salam
لا إلهَ إلاّ اللّهُ وحْـدَهُ لا شريكَ لهُ، لهُ المُلكُ ولهُ الحَمْد، يُحيـي وَيُمـيتُ وهُوَ على كُلّ شيءٍ قدير عَشْر مَرّات بَعْدَ المَغْرِب وَالصّـبْح

None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone, without partner, to Him belongs all sovereignty and praise, He gives life and causes death and He is over all things omnipotent. (ten times after the maghrib and fajr prayers)
Fortress of the Muslim

Did You Know About Islam?

Surah At-Tawba is the only chapter in the Quran that does not start with the Basmallah.

Daily Remembrance

ذُوالْجَلاَلِ وَ الإكْرَامِ
Dhul Jalali wal Ikram: The Possessor of Majesty and Honour
Meaning: The Lord of Majesty and Bounty, The One who deserves to be Exalted and not denied.
Found In Quraan Ayah(s): (55:27)(55 :78)
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